Mezzz Firmware Update Troubleshooting


I’m trying to update mezzz, but [cu.usbmodemXXXXX port,] doesn’t appear.

Instead, “cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port” will appear.

I am using the USB that came with the Mezzz when I purchased it.

However, there are third-party adapters available to convert to USB-C.

I’m using a Mac Book Air M2.

▼Troubleshooting steps taken

I tried everything, but only “cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port” still appears.


Serial port never shows up? Try activating Programming Mode

Hold the center button while turning the device off and then on to place Mezzz into Programming Mode. No leds will light up in this mode but the port will be visible.

Can’t connect to serial port?

Make sure other programs aren’t trying to use the port, including any IDE, browser, game engine, vj software etc.

Hey! perhaps you could give us some more specific info here…

What happened when you took these steps?

Where you able to enter programming mode?

Are you using Chrome browser?

I am also unclear if youre using this cable directly or using an adapter on one end for USB-A to USB-C, if so please try to verify that the adapter has working data lines with another device. Please describe your wiring in more detail.