Mezzz Bluetooth for other applications

Hola Sleepyheads!

Looking for help linking this lovely lil Mezz via bluetooth to my computer for use in Bome’s or Show Cockpit. I am not able to find out how to enable bluetooth pairing mode and also unable to ever locate the Mezzz from my Bluetooth settings.

Is there something obvious that I am missing ??


What OS are you on? Look for some BLE MIDI settings, no idea about those apps. If not connected, Mezzz is always open to pairing/connections.

For apples I use midimittr

for windows it depends, we are having some issues on certain vers (we are still writing the connection tutorials)

Win 11, but noticing the same things in Win 10.

Will investigate on finding more BLE MIDI settings.

Hi Mezzz friends,

I recently tried to connect over Bluetooth from Windoze 11 and found the “Sleepy Mezzz” device and connected to it… but noticed that as soon as the Bill Gates OS said the “Sleepy Mezzz” device was connected it promptly went to “Not Connected”… very unpromising behavior… perhaps Windoze just isn’t ready for the future of Wireless MIDI devices.

Any recommendations beyond switching to MacOS or iOS hardware or just selling the Mezzz to a person who can fully utilize it in the wireless manner that it’s creator intended?

Hey there,

for Windows 11 users, you just need to install one more driver.

It’s all laid out in our docs: CME WIDI Bud Pro | Sleepy Circuits

So do I simply need to install the CME WIDI Bud Pro Driver or actually purchase the CME WIDI BUD Pro ($70 on Amazon) dongle… and then install it’s driver.

Mezzz will still work when plugged in to the computer via its USB-C connection.

However if you want wireless operation, on either platform, you’ll need the Widi Bud and in this case its driver for use with Windows.

But on mobile, iOS devices, where you’d natively run vidOS, just connect over Bluetooth and start making rad 3D visuals with it!

Windows is “supposed” to work wirelessly and does but in practice their support for BLE MIDI is spotty at best. Mac and Linux should be working OK though.

Make sure you’ve checked this out: