Mapping the Territory (Graphic Hypno Patch Guides)

How can we share our Hypno discoveries?

I’ve been thinking about how to create recipes or maps for sharing the visual landscapes inside Hypno.

We can’t import/export presets directly but we can create visual or text based descriptions of how to arrive at interesting states using just the internal modulation.

Perhaps we could start with a convention of using the titles of the functions and buttons from the manual and clock face values for dials and 0 to 10 for sliders.

What do people think about this?

It sounds like a very good idea. Have you got an example of what you are describing?

I don’t have an example just to hand right now, I’ll see about making one this evening.

Perhaps it would be possible to make a version that uses the images from the manual itself as a starting point.

@SleepyRon would it be ok for me to adapt the manual for this purpose? There is no copyright or CC license on the document so I just want to check.

An earlier version of the manual used to have lil lessons in the back but I took it out for brevity. Check out this page 3-4 of an old manual.

I believe it would be best to follow/evolve the diagrams that are there already.

You’re welcome to use the graphics as you see fit, but please dont use any sleepy branding elements except the panel and sign your files with your artist name at the bottom. The intent with this is to make it clear that this is not our official documentation to the end user.

If you’re into Illustrator I can send along the vector elements of all the stuff also, lmk.

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