Low-key buzz when connected to modular gear

So I’ve noticed a soft buzz coming from my interface when I have modular gear plugged into my Hypno (when powered via USB on front panel and using NDI to record into computer (Macbook pro 2016)). I’m wondering if this has to do with powering my Hypno with the computer vs. powering via the side jack. I do have alternative USB power supply coming from my interface (Arturia AudioFuse Studio) that are either 120 mA or 1A.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am far (far!) from an expert in this area… but that sounds to me like a ground loop. Researching that topic might help?

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Oooh yah, that’s probably it. My computer is plugged into the top socket of an outlet and the rest of my gear is plugged into a power strip coming from the bottom socket of that same outlet. I’m assuming if I route my computer’s power into the power strip that I’ll be able to break the ground loop?