Loading with shapes already “fractalized”

Hey all! First time posting here, and new to forums in general, so any advice or direction is appreciated
I think my hypno boots up with bus B “fractalized”. Not the biggest issue, but I can never dial the “fractalization” back enough to completely get rid of it. It’s really apparent when loading video. I can load video from usb (with a freshly booted hypno) into bus A no problem. When I try to load the same clip into bus B it’s fractalized from the start, and I can not dial it back enough to get the video back to “normal”
Here is my freshly booted up hypno

This is when I stick the video pack usb in after boot up

And this is simply after I toggled through shapes in bus B to match up. Nothing else triggered

Hey Anthony, this doesn’t look to me like B is fractalized at all in the last screen shot, it appears to be working normally. The video repeats by default just like the shapes when you zoom out. You can pull down the frequency (zoom slider) on the B shape to get it as large as shape A.

A gets reset on USB insertion to a default video display state of sorts but B stays as is so it wont pull back the zoom for you. Keep playing with the settings and refer to the manual page where it mentions sampling and you should be able to get a handle on the effect you are looking for.

If you are looking for more of a “contact sheet” repeat without the mirroring, keep fractals off and turn up the fractal mod to activate it.
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Thanks for the help!

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