Loading videos via USB Hypno Kit (Resolved)

I’m posting this here to help others that may have some issues with loading files from USB. I am using the Hypno Kit with a Raspberry Pi 4B and firmware 2.2.3

I was trying many different USB sticks and SD cards formatted NTFS, FAT32, exFAT. Even tried with the stick in when powering on and nothing was working. I was attempting to use the videos from the free pack.

Today I tried formatting ext4 and it works, but not right away. I had to power cycle with the stick in and it loaded a video. I am now also able to select different videos from the stick.

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I’ve had issues, the first image on the stick loads , but I can scroll through … I may try this method thanks for sharing …

can’t format to ext4 on a Mac , so can’t try