Live Music Setup Suggestions Needed

Hello people! So, I’ve had the Hypno for a little bit now but I’ve been new to the world of video synthesizers which has gotten me confused with some aspects of what I’d like to use the Hypno for. I would like to build my first mini portable Eurorack to use the Hypno in a live setting such as projecting it on stage while my band plays. Preferably to live aspects of the music. Is this at all possible using Befaco Instrument Interface from a PA, say just the vocal line at least? any suggestions on an actual Eurorack build for a few modules would be helpful! Thanks.

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I recommend picking up an LZX Sensory Translator. It’s a 5-band envelope follower that splits incoming audio into different frequency regions, all of which have their own CV envelope output with switchable decay. This allows you to isolate elements like kick or snare sounds, and animate parts of your patch with it. Envelopes can also be set to a trigger, so you could trigger different envelopes or other modules if you please. It even has an onboard microphone so no need to grab audio from anywhere but the air.

Note: LZX ST outputs 0-1V only, but Hypno’s CV input range is 10vpp. This means that ST only addresses 10% of the possible parameter values. You can either use the signal as is (for tiny modulations), or boost the amplification with another module, or use the trigger outputs to control other modules with normal range.


I’ve got a sensory translator and with some dialling in it can produce CV signals that add relatively subtle modulation.

As stated above it’s just 10% of the full range that it will move a parameter, this of often enough but not always.

Plugging in audio that has been brought up to eurorack levels directly into Hypno doesn’t work so well because the modulation it provides is so high frequency and the waveforms are so complex.

From my experience running Hypno’s composite out through the ChromaCauldron Wave Comber is the easiest way to introduce audio responsive visuals.

It’s an awesome DIY kit and one of my favourite video effects modules.


I use this to get great results, so far have been running it without the erogenous tones structure, but that one is on it’s way and it’s already lovely

If you only always have the same source of input probably one of the “input modules” and a pams will do :slight_smile:

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