Latency / Lag present with NDI but not HDMI

Hey there! I saw a post on here regarding latency but the response said that it was possibly because of the monitor. After seeing that I decided to try hdmi direct and when I did that the lag was no longer present. So I’m pretty sure its not the monitor. I’m wondering if anyone has any idea why this is and or if there is a solution. I plan to eventually use HDMI through a capture card into OBS but until then I’m hoping I can have a solution to be able to use NDI without lag. Thank you so much!

I believe NDI always has some lag since it encodes, transmits and decodes the image.

How are you connecting to your computer?

Your computer’s USB bus, processing power, firewall, network settings, etc… can all impact NDI latency.

Thanks for your response! At the time of that writing I was only connecting through the USB into my computer, avoiding using any USB hubs. Now I have been using hdmi through a capture card, also without USB hub and I’m getting the same lag in OBS. It isn’t the end of the world obviously, and I am so incredibly happy with this device. I am just asking incase there is a solution. Thanks so much

Hmmm, maybe OBS is acting slow for some reason? Could be your computer’s processing power?

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