Issues with recalling presets

Just got my Hypno in the mail the other day and am loving it! I do seem to be having an issue with recalling presets though. From my understanding when you recall a preset the parameters should be locked In to exactly what they were when you saved it until you move them past where the positions they were in. The issue I’m having is that it’s jumping to the positions that knobs/faders are currently at instead of them being inactive until they’re in the position they were when the preset was saved. When I first turn the Hypno on and recall a preset it seems to work right for a few seconds but then it jumps to the current position of the knobs/faders. After playing with it for awhile if I recall a preset it immediately doesn’t load right instead of loading right for a bit and then jumping. This can actually be neat sometimes as it can make some interesting new patches but also a little frustrating when I do want to go back to a specific patch.

I also sometimes have an issue where when I’m holding a page button to adjust say the fractal amount, it will occasionally also affect the parameter it would be without holding the page button like polarization.

hey @transientfault thanks for your feedback!

I just squashed a bug with @Cowboy with preset recall panel parameters in another thread, this problem is slightly different but i believe the fix for that one should also cover this issue.

Not sure about the latter problem but I will investigate more before releasing the next fix patch. perhaps I will simply make the deadzones for page switches a bit larger.

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