Issue Sequencing hypno with midi gear via CC0

So my roland um one mk 2 just arrived and I’m testing it out by sequencing hypno from digitakt.
First obstacle so far is the hypno cc0 (controlling channel a frequency on hypno) is not an option on digitakt. I read that it’s a given for most midi devices to accept the cc0 value as bank select. There is a separate bank and patch select in digitakt midi options but they dont seem to work to move channel a’s frequency. Am I missing something or is there a work around?

I’m not aware of a work around at the moment but I can look into shifting all the mappings by one in a future patch if people have an issue with this.

im reading up on it theres a meaty thread on it if you want I can link it on sometime?
I let you know if I see anything like a fix for now it seems elektron have deviated slightly from standard midi practice… besides the cc0 being linked with bank or patch they also start at cc1 (to cc128) instead cc0 (to cc127). also something to do with lsb/msb … (first time hearing of those)

@SleepyRon I have a Digitakt as well and I’m running into the same issue. I think shifting all the mappings up one would fit everyone’s needs, correct? As everyone who uses MIDI devices that go from 0 to 127 would just have 0 as a vacant CC# as opposed to all the Elektron users not having access to the frequency of oscillator 1.

I guess it might be more work than you’d like but I think elektron is becoming (or has become) popular enough to warrant the change. Not sure if you can create an option to have everything shifted or not but that comes to mind as well as an option…

Thank you for considering all of this!

On some devices it would be strange, for example, on OP-Z the very first knob/page wouldn’t do anything. Im not sure what the solution is quite yet but this is definitely on my radar for next patch.

Sounds great Ron! I appreciate you taking the time. Obviously it’s not a deep issue because I can just modify the frequency of oscillator 1 with a CV input but yes, hopefully in time you think of a way to address the issue!

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update on this, i’m planning on shifting the ccs and just skipping over cc0


Thank you! Sorry I have not logged on in a while… Just now getting back into the hypno stuff.

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