Iphone VLC: Screen mirrored instead of showing video

using a CM3 with firmware 2.3, connecting an iphone 11 via HDMI VIDEO Capture to USB, I get a new minor issue, I havent’ encountered before:
if I play the video from the VLC app, the app doesn’t show the video on the iphone screen, but notifies on the iphone screen that it displays the video externally. So far as expected. But in contrast to before, Hypno only reflects the same message, mirroring the iphone screen notification, instead of showing the video. I haven’t used Hypno in a while, so I might be getting something wrong but I never encountered this issue. Also I can use workarounds and replay videos from other apps, like the photo app. Just please let me know if you have a hint, though.
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It seems that this is a common issue people are experiencing with VLC

This issue may be fixed in an update for VLC.

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Hi Naomi,

thank you, indeed that fixed it!

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