iOS app with clean HDMI out

Hi all

When using iPhone or iPad to input live video to hypno , what app are you all using ?
Using the way it shares the screen works great for streaming YouTube stuff , by when I wanna use alive video the GUI of the camera software is on the screen …
Any help much appreciated …


The app would need to support a clean HDMI output, (this isn’t the cheapest option but) FilmicPro is a great app which has this feature, most of the time I just use the youtube app though tbh.

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I highly recommend JamCam by Isak B: ‎Jam Cam – Video FX on the App Store

I beta tested it some time ago and it plays really well with Hypno. I’ll post some videos showing how it works.


Loopvideo is an easy one.

TouchViZ is a 2 deck VJ app with FX and full screen output to HDMI. You can use the front or back camera as the input to one or both of the decks. Made by the same company as TouchOSC