Introduce Yourself!

Hi I’m Daniel
This scene is really new for me and I don’t even own a Hypno yet, will before the end of this year though! :vulcan_salute:t3::nerd_face:

My +two years in the eurocrack world, and a video from 2023’s Super Booth showcasing the Hypno draw my attention to the world of video synthesis. Furthermore I guess that I grew up with Commodore Amigas also made Hypno struck my nostalgia nerve a bit, there is a lot of resemblance with the good old Amiga demo scene and what the Hypno can generate❣️

I have yet to make some content as I stil don’t own any video synthesis devices, but make sure it will come! :sunglasses:

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Hi Everybody my name’s Jon G. My most profound video memory was when me and my friend Cal were hanging out in his garage when I was like, 15 (25 years ago now lol). We had a camcorder and plugged it into the TV and found out we could make insane crazy wormhole stuff happen. The desire to explore that further never really left me. Years later, I got a videonics video mixer and started doing feedback and stuff live for DJs, and started building my video setup. Back in 2008 I didn’t know anybody else doing anything like that, and I would have flipped to have actually had a community to bounce ideas / strategies off of.
I’ve always been inspired by VHS and CRT aesthetic, and have gotten slowly into more complex types of setup, learning about internal mixer feedback, keying, and everything in between. I use a Korg Kaoss Entrancer (basically a Kaoss pad for video) to integrate audio and video, but have recently been looking for a way to get my Moog Matriarch semi-modular synthesizer to affect my video art. This search led me to the Hypno, and I just got it in the mail a few hours ago. Planning on staying up late tonight and learning it by making trippy synth sounds and running some CV into my new Hypno, and recording some VHS tapes with the output that I get.

Glad to be a hypno person now!! Thanks for welcoming me:)


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Hi, I’m Jeff and I’m addicted to 505, OG Digitakt, and ripping my Hypno with a Hydra. No time for naps.

Do tell… how do you like ripping the hypno with the hydra? Figure out how to offset the LFO’s?

I’ve had the Hydra for about a month now. Finally dove into the cv section last weekend. This board seems like it was custom made for the Hypno. The mod matrix makes it easy as pie to patch things up (audio and visual). Love the touch strip! Keybed doesn’t suck. UI is dead simple to understand and well lit for weak eyes in a dark room.

My custom INIT template now includes the pitch, mod and touchstrip patched to the cv mod 1 and 2 outs.

I dabbled with the LFO’s for cv and really liked the results. I googled “LFO offsets” and am not sure what to do with the info I found. Can you elaborate?

Like it’s nice to have your LFO not center around 0.

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Thanks, now I get it. I’ll play around this evening.