Improving the functionality of presets when used with external CV control

Right now, when you store a preset, it remembers the knob and slider positions, so when you recall the preset, it looks exactly like how you stored it. Except if you have any kind of voltage connected to the corresponding CV input for that knob or slider. In that case, any setting stored for that parameter is immediately overridden by the “live” value when you recall the preset. (This may be the case with MIDI CC control as well, I haven’t tested it)

This is a huge bummer when recalling presets, because it makes it pretty much impossible to have both external parameter control and presets that look like they looked when you saved them.

I want to find a way to allow presets to be stored and recalled so that all the parameters look right while being controlled by external CV.

@SleepyRon / @SleepyBrian could you try connecting some envelopes or LFOs to, for example, both the A+B frequency slider CV inputs and see how if feels to recall presets? I can tell you that, from my perspective, it’s a bit frustrating that all the controls are absolute, and not relative to my preset. But I would like to hear your perspective on this.

I’m happy to post videos to show what’s going on, in case it’s not clear, just LMK.


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Thanks for your insightful feedback! Just tried this seems like this is a bug/oversight in the engine.

I’m assuming by “live” value you mean the panel’s physical knob/slider state. So this is happening only to the front panel/CV-able controls.

Here is how I expect this to function:

Preset is recalled, internal knob state is preserved and CV offsets based on internal recalled knob value. When user touches the panel control, the control returns to the panel value and CV offsets this “live” value.

How it currently functions:

Preset is recalled, CV offsets panel’s knob value. (Effectively the recalled knob panel value is lost due to CV being present)

To fix this I will need to decouple CV and Pot values in the engine more, i think this bug is happening because the system thinks that a CV input is user input on a control and snaps to the panel’s value.


MIDI CC is always absolute so I expect midi to always be absolute and CV offseting that value but admittedly haven’t tested the interaction of the two since i usually use either one or the other.

I would like to work on nailing down the CV functionality first and, once thats working, move on to the MIDI/CV interaction.

That sounds exactly right!

I just managed to fix this, this change will make it into the next patch.

Haven’t decided when that is yet but I would like to take some time to streamline a few things/get more feedback with the video input before pushing any updates.


If you have a beta you want me to test, please let me know, as this is something I really want fixed!