Idea for an Integrated or External Eurorack Audio Mixer

Hi Sleepy Team! Want to say I absolutely love the Hypno!

I had an idea for us Eurorack users. I knoa nothing about circuitry or anything like that, but I was thinking that it would be really cool to have a Eurorack audio mixer with an HDMI out either integrated into the unit (Hypno 2 maybe?) or an external module simmilar to the 2hp HDMI out you currently offer.

Having something like this would make perfoming and recording with Hypno in your system much easier if it was all coming from one source, in this case, the hdmi cable. Recording audio + Hypno video isn’t too difficult as it is, but eliminating extra cables and hardware is almost always a good thing :slight_smile: Let me know what you think!

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Hi thanks for your feedback, glad youre vibing with the Hypno!

So you are trying to mix the audio feed into the HDMI’s audio output for playing back on a TV or recording into capture card? If so this would be far from trivial bc the mixer portion would essentially have to be an audio interface, though I must admit the audio portion of the HDMI cable is not something I have a lot of experience with.

This should be possible by using an audio interface connected into Hypno’s usb ports, but its not something the software currently supports unfortunately and would require a chunk of devtime.


Hi Ron, thanks for the response! And yeah, right now (when I want to record) I have the hypno running into an HDMI capture card which goes into my Macbook, I’m recording that video with Quicktime and I record audio with my Scarlett 18i20 or an iRig Pro Duo depending on the situation.

It works well, I was just thinking it’d be wicked if I could do it all straight from the HDMI. I had no idea it was that complicated though. I see why it would be hard to do! But anyway, you guys are great, keep up the good work!

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@SleepyRon @Connorb7324 I have not checked the forum in a while and sorry I missed this.

I have a pair of these A/V Embedder/De-embedders sitting beside my Hypno in the rack. They are tiny at 3hp, roughly 3" deep so they won’t fit in a shallow skiff or pod case. They run off 5v, have connections for 5v rack power and I have powered them out of the rack via the USB ports on the main board. Really simple and neat daughterboard design.

A2H takes composite video and L+R audio and spits out HDMI (Selectable to 1080p 720p).

H2A Takes the HDMI and Spits out composite video and L+R audio.