Hypno: What Did I Format?


I got my hypno delivered this week and finally got to try it out a couple days later – I didn’t have a micro hdmi dongle or cable. I was very eager to try it out!

I am a button mashing / knob twiddling type of person who only looks at manuals and documentation after I have an issue. I poked around the pdf and forum but wasn’t able to find the answer.

I will admit, I am not self taught. I did watch a couple videos to get the general idea of pressing button combinations + twisting knobs will make stuff happen.

Of course my first go-round I pressed something and twisted to get a pop up that asked if I wanted to format, and of course I didn’t wait long enough to read and hit the green button – dialogue box disappeared for a moment then said format complete.

I didn’t have anything plugged in besides a power cable and the hdmi out. Did I format something internally?

  • Austin

Sounds like a good time to look at the documentation.

So if there wasn’t a usb drive attached during this process, what was formatted? I am not finding the answer to this is documentation.

Does the Hypno work as it should now?