Hypno USB power issues

Hi everyone! just got a new Hypno a few weeks ago and I’m having issues powering it past a few screens of code and then a faint green light on the right side of the module.

Using the included USB cable I’ve tried plugging it into every 2-3A @ 5V adapter I can find but with no luck, including ordering this:

and I’m still waiting on delivery of this, hoping it may do the trick:


I’ve tried using both side and back USB connections. For output, I’ve tried HDMI out to either a Viewsonic M1+ or this:


Any suggestions as to what I’m missing?

Are you connecting the HDMI screen first? Rather than a power issue this looks like the Hypno can’t negotiate a display connection; “Unable to get Connector”

Have you definitely got the header pins lined up correctly,
Joining PI to the hypno ?
I had issues like this when fitted incorrectly