Hypno Stock Update, April 2022

Just a quick announcement that as of Friday, April 8th we have Hypno Kits ready to ship and Pre-Built Hypnos available for Pre-Order with an estimated ship date of early May.

I will update this post as we start to run out of stock, but as of now we have healthy numbers of each.

Having trouble finding a Raspberry Pi for your Hypno Kit? Check out this neat stock-tracking tool. Hypno Kit is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ and 4B (any RAM).


Just curious if there are any updates about the pre-built Hypnos now that it is early May. Really excited to be able to try one out, hopefully soon! Thanks.

Shipped the 1st one today, all parts are in house, we are working on more soldering here tomorrow.


Thanks for the quick response. That’s great to hear. Really looking forward to getting one.

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Very happy to say that my Hypno arrived today. Thanks for building and shipping it so quickly.

I just switched it on am getting the hang of the controls now. So much fun. Will post some jams once I’ve figured things out a bit more.

Thanks again!