Hypno Signal Path?

The situation is I am attempting to split the signal coming out of the composite output of the hypno to go to two places. One is a clean feed to the lzx cadet fader module and one into a cbv001 module and then into the fader. The problem is the output from the cbv001 module is still showing up in the clean feed as if the signal is wrapping back around into the hypno. Can the hypno receive composite signals? My set up is far from ideal and is very janky but hopefully I can make this work with a little help.

P.s. I am very much an amateur in the realm of analog and digital video synthesis

How are you splitting the signal? If you’re using a physical splitter, like a 1:2 RCA adapter, then I think it’s possible for the glitch signal to maybe send some interference back down the line. If possible, use something like a buffered distribution amp or the outputs on a video mixer when you want to split a composite video signal.


Thanks for the response! I am using a 1:2 adapter plugged right into the hypno. I move my set up a lot so I was just looking for the most compact option. I’ll look into the distribution amp and video mixer. Any you might suggest?

Only if you convert it to HDMI first (or UVC somehow, which I am not even sure is possible).

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Cheapest one you can find. There are radio shack branded ones on eBay and Craigslist all day

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