Hypno seems dead

I haven’t used my Hypno in a few months. But when I connect it to power via USB, it powers on but only slightly. Only the far right light shows up (nothing on the left or the middle lights). Pressing the black buttons for the lights does nothing. Turning knobs does nothing. No output at all on the video.

I gave it a full update to see if that fixed it. No change. Though the update showed as verified/completed.


Which hardware version do you have?

Did you remember to flip the switch off the update position after the update?

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We’ve responded to your email, so hopefully you’re issue is resolved by now, but in case anyone else is dealing with the same problem, we recommend you check out this troubleshooting portion of our FAQ!

Best of luck!
Sleepy Ash

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Yep. Silly me. I hadn’t completely moved the update switch into the OFF position. All better now.