Hypno + Rhythm Scope = standalone audio reactive fun in flight case!

Hey Sleepyheads!

I love making my Hypno audio-reactive so have been playing with different setups. Recently I was able to get my hands on a Critter and Guitari Rhythm Scope and have found it is an amazing friend to Hypno!

The Rhythm Scope outputs an s-video animation based on an incoming audio signal hitting a threshold level that you can adjust. You can therefore feed it any audio source and (via adapters) plug it into Hypno for some beautiful audio-reactive fun!

I went a step further and mounted Hypno and the Rhythm Scope in a cheap flight case with a Novation LaunchControl connected to the Hypno and a really cheap screen mounted in the top of the case. The whole rig is powered by a battery pack so is fully portable.

I’m going to tidy up the installation, stealth the cables and power bank and try adding some speakers soon.

Here’s a short video of her in action. I’m going to produce a much more in-depth, appropriately lit video soon!



That’s a lot of fun! Do you have MIDI control over the Rhythm Scope as well?

super cool, I was really thinking about doing something similar, but I was worried that the input lag would totally defeat the audio-reactivity. Do you find it’s responsive enough? If so, I may have to give this a go myself.