Hypno Public Beta 2.2.3

2.2.3 is up on the Firmware Page!

This beta is public because I realized that we need a pi4 version up for our kit customers! So the timeline is a bit accelerated for this release, sorry for extra bugs a new version of the firmware is already on its way.

Would love yall’s feedback on all the new features here or on chat.


  • Video switching backend has been rewritten, should work faster now.
  • Can now live switch between a UVC source and USB
  • A whole lot of MIDI debugging w the video sources was done. Indexing video isn’t mapped yet but will be when the file navigation is reworked next patch to allow for folders.
  • A number of improvements for the synthesized shapes.

Patch notes:

  • y offset drift
  • some shapes polarize while others have a y offset in its place
  • removed fractal axis and just have a modulation ctl (like scan)
  • y mod doesn’t do anything in polarization shapes, polar mod is independent of fractal mod now
  • Enabled cropping/luma-keying/aspect stretch for most shapes
  • X/Y cropping/alt shaping
    • sin
      • dual sin/tri modulator function
    • tan
      • dual tan/tan modulator function
    • circle
      • diameter and squash
    • poly (formally square)
      • x/y stretch
  • lumakey
    • sin
    • tan
    • circle
    • poly (formally square)
      • not actual lumakey but similar effect, controls edge smoothness
  • aspect stretch
    • poly (formally square) - num sides (aspect stretch already possible with crop x/y controls)
  • New manual up: Hypno Manual

Known Bugs:

  • presets not saving to USB in this version
  • Video page mappings are missing documentation
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hey ron!

i have a pi4 hypno that i will be building soon. would you recommend that i use beta 2.2.3 on it or the latest stable firmware update?

Yes, this is the only version so far that has supported pi4 (which is why it got rushed a bit :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit/Also: We are currently testing the stable version of this in beta group so expect the less buggy version of this patch up very soon.