Hypno on led video wall

My Hypno arrived and it’s amazing. We hooked it up two half of our LED video wall and had a great time with it straight away. Resolume still has its place, but for jamming and creativity, the hypno is so much better.

Now I’m starting to build a small eurorack with Pam, Piques, some LFOs, a gate sequencer and envelope followers, for providing modulation to the hypno. Although the midi modulation is much more powerful, modulating the hypno with the mother 32 was much more fun. Sweeping the LFO up on the mother 32, with the LFO triangle routed to the intensity on the Hypno was a audiovisual treat.

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More footage

All our lights run off wireless DMX, so we’re starting to get a bit of a rave kit together.


Looks class on the video wall. I also prefer cv to midi so far but haven’t dived into midi yet.

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HOOOLY CRAP thats bright!

Can we get some shots of video input through the walls? :wink:

I feel like that would be siiiiii…

Plus 1 on the video input!
Also are the 2 screens connected as 1 display or are they separate with the same display on both?

This looks familiar. Are you involved with Cryptovoxels?