Hypno on a video wall + intellijel palette

Hey, I discovered the hypno from red means recording, and it looks perfect for my use case. I want to make a video synthesis box to output to a small video wall. I’m looking at getting a couple of p3.81 panels (256 x 128 resolution) and outputting the hypno to them.

Has anyone used a sleepy with a video wall? I’ll probably use the walls in a 256x256 pixel configuration, but might also try 512x128 so see what that looks like. As I understand it the hypno will output 720p video, and i’ll have to configure my video wall driver to downsample and crop the 720p signal to the final panel configuration. The video wall is more of a lighting fixture at this resolution, rather than a video wall - does the hypno suit this use case?

I’ll probably get an intellijel palette for the hypno, and clock it from MIDI out of my elektron gear, and then fill up the rest of the case with CV modulation (pamelas new workout, tempo synced LFOs, 8 step sequencer). I’ll auger a hole in the side of the palette for the HDMI output.

Does this all sound sensible?

I bet that would look pretty sweet. I haven’t done it myself, but I’ve got a Hypno and plenty of LED wall experience. I say go for it and show us the results. Worse case is you’re stuck with a Hypno, which is honestly pretty cool on its own.

I’d try the 512x128 configuration first, I think you’ll like having that higher resolution on one axis.