Hypno on a p3.91mm led video wall

Woohoo - my LED video wall arrived! The panel looks great playing Hypno (just playing videos from youtube).

Keen to get my own hypno in my hot little hands and see what it looks like direct hypno to the panel.


Wow! That’s really sweet. What’s the resolution? How much was it?

Where are you going to hang it? Guest bathroom?


omg neeeeed that. where did you get it??

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Each panel is 1000mm x 500mm and 256 x 128 pixel resolution. It takes a DVI input from a TS852D box. I’ve ordered four panels from china - this seller:

I’m going to get a bag or a case made up so I can take it to our weekly jam night, so that I can run the hypno through it, or my friends can use their custom VJ software (https://www.visor.live/).

When we’re not using them for gigs, I’ll set them up for lighting effects in my office for when I do video calls / AMAs in Cryptovoxels.

$600 for 1 panel or do you get 4 panels?

$600 for 1 panel. I ordered 2 panels to try it out, and have ordered 2 more. I made a bit of a mistake actually, because I didn’t order all the panels at once, they will be from different “batches” of LEDs, which means that the colors won’t match across the panels. You can partially correct it in software, but I’m hoping it won’t be very noticeable when doing visual effects as with the hypno.

I’m still quite amazed at how bright only one of these are. This is at half brightness.



Shieeeit… I feel my gas flaring up again

When is the next AMA man??

Damn dude cant wait to see this with Hypno since it tends to really blast pixels with pure high saturation colors ( I often have to turn down tvs’ brightness when hooking it up vs any regular streaming/movie watching hdmi source)

omg when I start playing shows again I’m soooooo tempted to get some of these instead of the little portable projector I previously bought for shows; would look sooooo much better. Probably will wait until I do at least a few shows with the projector though and start getting gigs that pay enough to justify the expense and extra setup and such . . . although I could totally rent these and the hypno out to my DJ friends for their parties. Hmmmmm . . .

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Honestly, despite the cost and size, I feel like LED walls are SO much better than projectors for live shows. My heart goes out to every band that has to stand in front of a projection for an entire show!


I should clarify that by “pay enough” I mean “pay at all” :sweat_smile: One night I got $5 from the bar tab and it was a surprise lmao . . . but I’d only really just started before covid hit. Did have one actual paid gig lined up that never happened due to lockdown

I’ve got 4 of these led panels now and have used them at a few parties using friends VJ-ing software (he doesn have a webpage for his software yet), they’re really fantastic panels. Really heavy and a pain to transport, but I’m getting bags made up which should make it easier. Anything with simple colors and geometry over a black background just looks fantastic.

Really keen to have a hoon with the hypno on the screens. :slight_smile:


I am not sure if this is related but Goldmine has some interesting surplus receiver boards, the hub75 panels/cables and related power supply.

I assume could be used to do something similar?

Anyways just wanted to share.

Not sure how I missed this thread. Such a cool use case. Would love this in my office.

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