Hypno older CM3 resolution


I recently got a used hypno of the now discontinued CM3 variety. The render engine resolution seems to only go to 640x360. It’s obviously quite pixelated at that resolution. Is that normal for this model? I can’t find any information online about that.


Which version of the firmware are you on?
If you’re already on 2.4, It’s likely that you may need to reset the render resolution as shown in the “Presets & System Settings” page of the manual:

I’m on the latest firmware but the instructions shown which I had already found, aren’t for resetting, they’re for changing from the default and the max still seems to be 640x360. It also resets after power cycling anyway. I guess it’s just an undocumented limitation of the discontinued model :frowning: doesn’t really matter when I’m using the composite out on a crt but I’d like to also make use of full hd displays

Yea, this might be a limitation of the CM3 behind it. The Erogenous Tones Structure run on the same hardware and is limited to composite out.

Current Hypno’s are limited to NTSC/ PAL resolutions anyway.