Hypno Mobile Rig (iOS, Android etc.)

WHOA Mates, Hypno can stream to my iOS devices!

To set this up you need:

  1. powered camera connection kit (unexplainably, the dongle needs to be plugged in to power to work)

  2. iOS NDI Monitor App

  3. 2 port USB Power Source (the included white block should work ok here but I prefer a battery for max portability)

Not sure if this might be possible on Android as well?

Are there any apps or hardware you think may be a good fit for this kind of workflow? ( screen recording can act as a rough way to record atm)

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Whoa, this is badass. I wonder if it’s possible to process NDI video, like in TouchViZ for instance.

Ah that app is $10, otherwise I would try this myself.

Unfortunately yeah it costs some money :confused:

If anyone has some iOS dev experience it would be trivial to make our own iOS app from the NDI SDK example code (unfortunately I don’t have very much time for something like this atm so I just bought that app to test)

In an ideal world there would also be a record/share button and direct streaming to twitch lol

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