Hypno directly into TV Question

I recently purchased a Hypno alongside a 9" TV that only includes a coax input. I also have a RCA>Coax adaptor. When I plug the Hypno directly into the TV through the input I get nothing.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to connect the Hypno to a TV like this?

Is this an RF Modulator? It should have a “Ch” switch somewhere on it. If so, have you set the TV and this switch to the same channel? Something like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/THE-CIMPLE-CO-RF-Modulator-RCA-Composite-A-V-to-RF-Coax-Coaxial-RCA-Converter-Kit/531657868

A passive adapter like this:

will not work.


If you have an old VCR around you could also use that. They normally have an RF modulator built in.


Awesome, thank you! This is exactly what I need.

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Just to be clear. Your TV (in picture) requires a modulated RF signal. The Hypno outputs a baseband video signal. Not compatible for direct connection. For 20$ (or less @ Amazon) you can get a video-modulator to take the signal to RF (Channel 3 or 4). BUT…The sticker on your monitor (in the picture) says it is compatible with a cable signal. This may be different. Bottom line, you may need a different monitor.

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