Hypno cycling thru colors uncontrollably


Hypno is working great but is cycling pretty rapidly through the color field. I even see this behavior during start up when the full color field is displayed - it looks like the color field is rotating.

I am using the HDMI output but sending it through a conversion box to composite before going into a Videonics MX-1 video mixer. I was using the composite output, but Hypno would “blink” periodically - a brief flash of black screen. The HDMI box solves the “blink” but now I have cycling colors.

I’m wondering if anyone has seen this issue and what might be the cause / solution. My guess is dirty power, but I’m not sure. Color cycling seems like some kind of phase issue?


I’m sorry you’re having issues with your Hypno.

Could you send me your order number?

Please send me a capture of a video of the direct HDMI output via your phone or capture device, bypassing any other gear or conversions.

Hi Naomi, I’m not having problems with the Hypno, but with the system as a whole. If I plug the Hypno directly into a CRT or LCD monitor it works fine. The problems occur when I go through my Videonics MX-1 video mixer.

Other sources going into the mixer do not have the same issues, so I believe the problem is between components in the system or perhaps the power to the system.

Order number 1154.

It seems that this is a problem other people have run into

You may need a higher quality HDMI converter or some sort of additional TBC before running into the mixer.