Hypno crash "Failed to start /etc/rc.local"


it was a pleasure meeting you on Superbooth this year (and happy to learn that the CM3 isn’t falling behind with any features compared to the new versions).

I have a CM3 Hypno and updated it to the latest Firmware 2.3. I connect an iphone 11 MAX Pro via a HDMI capture device into USB for video input. After the update I encountered a crash for the first time, see screenshot attached

Thanks in advance for your support and best regards


Is this still an issue you’re having? I see you have multiple posts about the issues. In the future, it’s easier to assist if all issues are in a single forum post or to send us an email directly, support@sleepycircuits.com

Thank you,

Hi there,

did you find any solution? I’ve got the same issue with a PI CM4 hardware.

Thank you


Hi Tristan,

No, I haven’t. It still happens sporadically, always in context of video input it seems and appears to be more likely if you tweak it a lot. But it’s not predictable so it’s a bit of a worry if you want to use it live.