Hypno CC - Midi Effect Rack - Ableton/M4L Device

Hi! I’ve just recently taken the dive and gotten some sleep in this crazy video art rabbit hole with the Hypno and through the help of the lovely folks on this forum, mainly @SleepyRon himself and @Syntheist I was able to get it working beyond my wildest imagination with Midi CC integration in Ableton Live using a Host2Host converter, live switching between usb and video sampling, and IOS compatibility!

Just dropping in to give back a little to anyone who wants to take my route of running things. I made an Ableton Midi Effect Rack out of ~this~ Max for Live device by Robert Henke, that has all the CC documentation pre-mapped, sorted, and labeled in for the Hypno (as per the manual) so everything’s all there and good to go at a moment’s notice! I’ve left the macros empty, the idea being to make your own and then save extra presets using the macro snapshot function.

If this sounds exciting you can download it ~here~ and get cooking some crazy video art!

Any questions installing and running just let me know. If I ever expand it or someone more savvy with max4live than my current self wants to pick it up as a full blown device (such as for Dreadbox Nymphes) I will update here. Should be fairly plug and play. Just install the Max device first, put the effect rack wherever you save Midi Effect Racks in Ableton, drop it on a Midi channel routed to Channel 16 on your USB device and have a blast!


Thank you for the donation!

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WOW! Thanks so much for creating/sharing this! I think the community will get a lot of value out of this one. Im not much of an Ableton user but hopefully a few peeps can give this a test and let us know how it worked out!

BTW how did you end up implementing the host2host situation? Would be good to document tested setup here so other people can get it going.

I would love to talk about this in the next snoozeletter if thats cool with you?

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Host2host was actually super simple. I used ~this device~ built from a kit, but as the support thread there indicates there are more DIY as well as third party options that should work pretty much the same. I literally just plugged a usb A to usb C cable from my PC into the 2Host input marked “1” and out the other end into Hypno. Ableton saw it right away as “QT-2host” but only as a Midi input, went into preferences to enable the output, then set the track output to 2host on channel 16, record enable/set monitoring to either IN or Auto it should work.

Yeah totally, go for it! I just found it all as a solution to fit better into my workflow, but recognized some serious potential in it’s capabilities Ie: fully sequenced live sets/macro control over multiple parameters at once etc. and had to share.

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@SleepyRon Please manufacture some of these as an accessory item for the hypno! I don’t feel like soldering :sweat_smile:

It would be sooooo awesome to have this as a “MIDI IN” USB port in the Hypno Eurorack adapter kit!

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Ah yes, you know my mind went there immediately also. I will see what I can do, pretty swamped preparing for Superbooth at the moment but will look into this after that is done.

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Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Cool that you’ll be at Superbooth this year. I’ll stop by and say hi.

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It has just occurred to us that this may be possible with the correct bluetooth dongle that could set up Hypno as a midi peripheral. Investigating this setup in the coming weeks.

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Hey yall, WIDI bud pro totally works for this plug n play: Amazon.com

The “Pro” model is what you want because it can be a peripheral as well as a central bt midi device. Then just connect your laptop and send midi w/ Ableton like usual!

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