Hypno Case .STL is Now Available

Would like to 3D-print my own case, add colors and try some different materials.

Also, I would resize the access ports a little on the side…Victor


Hey @veejaybee, welcome to the forum! Just letting you know your request has been seen, but I can’t answer this until Ron comes back in town, so stay tuned.

STL is available here for a small fee here for those who are interested: https://sleepy-circuits-shop.myshopify.com/cart/40120349491392:1?channel=buy_button

Thanks Ron. I ordered mine. Get by email or link? …victor

Great thanks!

You should receive a link to your email for the download (let us know if you don’t receive this).

The shop should also send an automatic email if the file ever gets updated in the future.

(Edit: Updated the title of this thread so that interested people can find the stl quicker)

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This is great for just printing a replacement case in a different color but, STL files (geometry) are not really easily editable. FreeCAD can convert STL to STEP file for easier editing, if that’s your goal.

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