Hypno + Blackmagic Shuttle HD


This is my second woe that someone might have the answer to?

I hooked the HDMI out of the Hypno to the Blackmagic Shuttle. All looks good…

During the boot up video, the resolution is UHD 3840x2160 30p (no issues recording with blackmagic)

Once Hypno loads it goes down to 720x480 60p and the Blackmagic preview loses source video preview on my tv and I get a “No Signal” screen.

I change the video resolution to 720x480 60p on the Blackmagic Shuttle and I can’t get any preview of any signal. I need to disconnect the Hypno in order to see the Blackmagic menu or any video.

I was able to record a video without signal to the TV

The odd thing is the resolution of the video per quicktime is 720x756 (768x576)

I am thinking maybe a scaling switcher might resolve this issue if it can force resolutions?

Any ideas?
Thank you,

Never mind! I found a switcher that forced/locked the resolution and all is working!

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