Hypno and Eyesy

Would it be possible to run the Critter and Guitari Eyesy into Hypno? Has anyone done this?


Yes and yes.

I have run hdmi out of the eyesy into a cheap capture card into the front port of the Hypno.

Looks great, fun to play with different layers of audio reactivity on both devices.

The pygame engine in the eyesy could be a relatively low bar for creating custom shapes for inputting to the Hypno.


Thank you. I’m excited to try it. Do you have any example of what it looks like?

I’ll throw a link in this post later today.

@pSEUDO_bEAST here is the link

In this i basically play with 3 controls on the hypno: fractal amount, rotation mod, and shape scroll.

Along with occasional changes in feedback mode and zoom.

From 11:48 i play with lumakey min & max to allow more space for feedback.

On the eyesy i tweak stuff to find the colour palette that works with the feedback mode and then just try to find sweet spots.


Awesome. Thank you! …

Check out this thread for detailed info on how to connect HDMI devices to Hypno using a UVC device


Wow! Thant looks great! Thank you.

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how about a Critter & Guitari Video Scope, Rhythm with drums mic’d up into there, into a hypno? might pick one up and try it out has anyone done this yet?

this is very cool. I have a similar setup, and with a melted electronics device in the mix. can’t wait to experiment with it