Hypno 2.4-Release

Hypno Firmware 2.4 is out! Mostly focused on compatibility, MIDI bugfixing/multi device and messages for Mezzz integration. Hoping the compatibility settings will resolve most of the rare display issues, in particular with pi4.

Patch notes:

  • Graphics Engine Resolution scaling

  • Display mode selection for pi4 (pi3 just auto selects the first mode like before)

  • config.txt entry “hypno_preferred_width=”

  • Reworked midi scanning

  • Multiple MIDI devices now useable at once

  • CC echoes for midi controller UI setting

  • simply echoes the set value to the map’s CC back to the controller

  • New MIDI Map options

  • Notes 117 + are reserved for system functions for Mezzz integration

  • Shape toggles moved to single notes instead of all sharps

    • adds more preset slots
  • Button patching can be toggled via note mesages

  • Button modes selectable via CC

  • Raspberry Pi OS updated so modern runs of PI3A+ boot normally

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Big thanks for these updates being dropped today. I AM SO EXCITED

Alright ran into a problem. Using cm4 version of the hypno with the pi4 firmware.

Issue is also happening with the pi3 firmware. Big sad.

Edit: May have found the solution. Should not have unzipped file. User error.
Flashing the drive right now, should take quite awhile. Will respond later with results.

Edit 2: Seems to be stuck at 99%. Trying to find somewhere to put the last of the data.
I see the last firmware released had the same issue in the forums. Will need to wait for a updated firmware file link I assume.

Edit 3: Confirmed fail… .not enough disk space

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Hey my bad on that, working on fixing this today. I tested the other pi variants but not the cm4-io :man_facepalming:

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Hope it’s easy to do! Would love to update when I get home tonight :slight_smile:

Did you ever manage to solve the issue if certain parameters not saving on patches? I think the horizontal scroll was one of them?

I think so? There was a bug where recalling patches with video sampling was incorrectly setting the default video settings as if a new device connection was coming in. I did go through that list from the other thread but couldn’t recreate everything so do let me know if things seem incorrect still.

Thanks for all the updates. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

It’s encouraging to see there’s a way to configure options in a text file now. Any chance it will be able to set midi receive to channels other than 16 in the near future?


Its possible but I wasn’t planning on it tbh just trying to keep it simple and do CH16 as a reserved channel for Hypno across our devices especially since Mezzz also keeps 16 as reserved for Hypno while the future target vidOS config will be spanning across multiple channels.

What is the main issue with keeping everything on 16? Is the lack of this setting impeding a particular setup you are trying to achieve?

Looking forwards to testing the new firmware over the next week or so.

To address some of the above:

From someone who has spent many years playing with various hardware MIDI devices (historically: synths, drum machines, samplers, controllers/keyboards, and sequencers), it is kinda unusual (although not unheard-of) for an individual product to allow MIDI control without having the receive channel being selectable. Some items receive on more than one channel at once (multi-timbral synths and samplers), and some of these have a fixed “global receive” channel which affects global settings for all parts. There are some general “conventions” - some of which date back to the days of “General MIDI” - and because the MIDI conventions are only conventions there have been a lot of examples of manufacters using MIDI in different ways which sometimes makes inter-compatibility tricky.

Let’s take an example just involving Hypnos: let’s say I wanted a second Hypno, in a hardware MIDI setup, and I was using a central hardware MIDI sequencer or tracker, and Hypnos were connected to the MIDI network via USB-to-MIDI adapters. How would I use this one sequencer to control the Hypnos separately? Any command on channel 16 would be picked up by both of them. I would need a separate hardware MIDI processor that at least allowed channel re-mapping and routing. However, if I could change one of the Hypnos to channel 15, I could run two separate tracks on the sequencer on channels 16 and 15 to control both separately.

In all honesty, I think there’s probably a demand for Hypnos in hardware-only setups, and if anyone’s setup has channel 16 already occupied (let’s say they have a synth which has channel 16 reserved as a “global controls” channel, which does occur) then even a single Hypno requires additional MIDI manipulation using additional hardware.

Another example: some devices such as drum machines and grooveboxes with in-built sequencers can double as MIDI sequencers, but without allowing the MIDI send channels to be altered (e.g. an 8-track drum synth /sequencer which only sends on channels 1 to 8). One of these channels could be co-opted to sequence the Hypno, if only it received on an appropriate channel.

From memory, there are certain uniquenesses with the DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Twister, which some people are using with the Hypno. It treats certain MIDI messages on certain channels as “special commands” which control the LED rings and display modes. I can’t remember if channel 16 is relevant for this but, if so, bouncing any information back to it on this channel, or using it in conjunction with a sequencer, can get confusing or messy very very fast.

Tl;dr: allowing MIDI channel to be changed would perhaps increase the marketability of the Hypno and allow for additional use cases, helping avoid a number of potential issues.


So it looks like this might be an issue with safari automatically decompresses GZIP files unless you turn off the option to run safe downloads. How is this not off by default?

Now that I turned it off it gets to last little bit of the install (98%) on the CM3 and then fails. When putting it into “run” mode it boots and dumps you to a login prompt.


I use a Novation Circuit as my midi controller and sequencer. It has an unfortunate limitation of reserving channel 16 for its internal use. It won’t output on 16 and is unable to move its internal comms to a different channel. I complained to Novation about it but didn’t hear back from them.

I’d love to be able to plug the two together and blast off to music synced hypnosis


Was the CM4-io issue resolved yet?

@NoNazPete CM4 should be working Ive swapped for a smaller image that should fit on all of them now.

@KAM what is the size of your CM3? (what does it show in etcher?) it may be the same problem but my smaller CM3 has been giving me grief.

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It’s a CM3+ and is showing 31.3GB


OK so I tried it again and there was in fact an issue with the Pi3 image, I re-uploaded a new build yesterday and hope you will have a chance to try it again sometime.

The dropbox link to that file in the support docs is broken. K

ugh my dropbox be trippin with these files, I updated link on wiki and here it is direct: Hypno2.4-PI3-2.img.gz

Hope that does it

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Thank You Ron!
I believe Etcher (1.18.11) might be having some sort of issues? I am not sure. Like before It gets all the way to the end of writing and says failed but this time it seems to work fine after a reboot.

I figured out how to save a logfile in Etcher if that helps and I do see some reports on github about similar issues when Etcher is trying to unmount after flashing.

Thanks again,