Hypno 1.7 Firmware - MIDI support + TON of Preset Slots

You can find the update and directions on how to update HERE


  • All Hypno pages are midi mappable
  • A TON of extra preset slots

Patch Notes:

  • MIDI Fixes and Preset functionality (See updated chart in Hypno Manual)

    • CCs are now correctly mapped and can control all parameters.
    • Note messages now recall unique presets not found on the panel.
    • 70 preset slots have been added!
  • Bugfixes YAAY!

    • blue line canvas fix
    • LED order fix

To connect a MIDI device to Hypno you need a micro usb to USB A adaptor like this one

MIDI Chart
! Please note – this chart has been updated for Firmware 2.0 and later


What firmware version is on the June 2020 batch I received one from a few weeks ago?

Ah yes right, the June/July 2020 Batch is already on 1.7 so no need to update!


Cool thank you!
I finally read the full manual, but I’m not seeing how to use the extra 80 preset slots.
Please update when ya can. :grin: :vulcan_salute:

Just updated the manual with a new Quickguide, lmk if you got any Qs!

( Its technically only 70 slots wrong key whoops ) :stuck_out_tongue:


FWIW, I’m using the Befaco VCMC with this update, and it works great. I’ve got the 8 gate buttons working as manual preset selectors, as well as CV driving both master gain and hue via MIDI CC.

Now we just need to get the built-in Hypno controls to work as offsets for incoming MIDI CC messages, and I’ll be golden!

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Indeed, tangentially to the offset idea, I was wondering about control knobs settings latching as an option or default.
For example if you page into a shape hue and change the hue, it jumps to the knob position immediately.
It would be nicer if it setting moves once the knob passes the previous setting to prevent sudden settings jumps. I think that’s called latching? lol

Another thing I noticed is that internal modulation can have sudden jumps sometimes too, like it got to the end of the cycle and jumps back to the top like a saw tooth wave.

I haven’t experienced jumping on the internal modulation, this may be a quirk of the UI or something.

Won’t having controls be offsets to CCs be even more confusing? Then you will have 2 offsets to manage with something like VCMC and midi controls will be maxing out the control ranges all the time.

CC latching? or OSC page HUE latching specifically?

Latching maybe the wrong word. Loopop called it “catch up” and jumping.
So for any setting the knob wouldn’t change the setting until it is returned to the setting it is on. Preventing jumping in settings when making adjustments to any knob or slider.

So, the way the gain control works when coming out of a page currently?