How to record Max8

I can’t record using a recorder in max8. Can someone please tell me how to record it?

Have you tried obs?

No. I don’t know how to connect obs. I tried to use recorder, but it didn’t work

Hey buddy,
first of all, before you start Max 8, you need a generic hdmi video capture card with USB 2.0 (1080p).
This usb device is necessary to convert the incoming video stream… the system sees now a webcam-device… that you can grab in Max (in realtime).

The object of choice: a vizzie object → GRABBR (= e.g. grab a webcam device/stream)
Than you connect that object with a RECORDR object… choose the right settings (you have to manual select a destination folder for the recording… everytime (!) you want to record) and it should work.

Maybe it’s easier for you and me when we try to solve your problem via Discord or something else…
write me if you need more help.

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I did it, but it didn’t work.Please tell me another way

tbh: Max is not easy for a beginner. Maybe it’s better to read several articles about the whole process… or switch to a different software like obs.
Get Started
A Brief Introduction to Vizzie

I hope that you aware of that you can’t save anything with the trial version of Max.

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Is this about recording hypno in max 8 or just max 8 itself? Please provide more details about what you are trying to do @bb8dd

This is our video about Max and Hypno:

In addition to the video card method mentioned by @BlackSun using NDI should be possible with Max, i have tried it with vsynth only personally tho since i kinda suck at Max