How do I know what firmware I have? Is NDI input supported? Can I plug the output of an OP-1 into the 5v inputs at the bottom?

I received my unit yesterday, 12/24. Do I have 2.6 already or need to update?

NDI input, is that supported? I thought I saw somewhere that it was but could be mistaken.

I’ve seen the functionality of the 5v inputs at the bottom of the unit and want to try it out. Can I plug my OP1 into it or even a cell phone playing an mp3? I’m sure this is a dumb question. If not, what’s the entry level way to get music or sound inputs into it?

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It is my understanding that NDI is output only and only through the front USB port. To get a video signal in, that would be also through the front USB port as well.

As for the jacks towards the bottom, they’re for CV modulation. I suppose you could use an audio signal here if it was of an appropriate strength. These jacks are expecting eurorack signal levels.

There are some pretty great tutorial videos on the sleepy circuits website. Definitely worth watching.

If you just received a Hypno it’s got the latest firmware. Please check out the 2.0 update thread and the Hypno’s online manual for more info.

(Good point tho it should probably say what firmware its on somewhere, its on the list)

NDI input is not possible due to Newtek not having their API working for input on embeded ARM platforms. ( I WISH DUDE… damn…)

NDI output is done via front usb because your computer sees Hypno as ethernet adapter gadget.

Plug things into it!

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Just confirming because I don’t want to break it, I can plug my cellphone or an OP1 into it? I’m worried about blowing the circuit with too much voltage, but then I’m not familiar with what voltage those output at. I did some research and it looks like it’d be ok, but again, really don’t want to break this.

Yes, OP-1 / cellphone is fine.

For the curious, nothing appeared to happen with either the cellphone or the OP-1 plugged in.

Would amplifying the signal somehow before hypno make a difference I wonder?

Sending signal through an envelope follower / slew is recommended for audio signals, this is why i usually recommend envelope follower module like the befaco instrument interface

Go deeper into it with frequency based envelope following via filters or 4ms SMR for more control.

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I tried sending audio out of machinedrums aux out via 1/4" mono jack to small jack into hypno and it triggerd it at full vol. It worked, triggerd the hypno without any extra amplification. Class

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