How do files and folders work?

Hi sleepy peeps…I’m Currently on pi4b 2.2.3

  1. Via MIDI, files load from the root directory but aren’t loading with each incremental MIDI cc change.
    e.g. on startup Hypno will load an image but doesn’t load the next image until CC 37 / 46 are incremented to certain intervals (haven’t found a real pattern yet)…and definitely not on incremental values 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc.

  2. I have had no luck with changing folders.
    A folder change via MIDI cc 39 / 48 or on the hardware, loads the last image from the root.

  3. Hypno seems quite sensitive to (corrupted?) jpg / png files. Loading an image that it doesn’t like results in an immediate crash…cringy for live situations

  4. Hypno sometimes loads the previous image loaded, instead of the one saved with the current preset. This has given me some pleasant surprises but also some unwanted hassles of scrolling through images to find the one that was actually saved on that particular preset.

Side note: I think have noticed Hypno only loads jpegs that are specified with a .jpg name ending.

Please send along files that are making the Hypno crash if you can, I will test them directly to make sure to avoid the crashes.

I will take some time to retest the midi, and yes its not tuned to CC values it splits the knob to increments based on how many files are available which makes the most sense for the hardware UI. Your usb file structure should only be one level deep, try the help mode to see if the file names are showing up.

presets not loading the correct image may be a bug, do you have a set of steps I could follow so I can recreate this?

If I understand correctly, I should be able to browse and change input index folders / files for both the A & B sides separately but I’m only able to do this for the A side.

I’m following the directions in the manual exactly as written with help mode on.

The images change for the A side and I see text indicating where I am in the directory, but when I press and hold the top + right buttons and attempt to scroll with the top and bottom right pots I get no image changes or help text for the B side.

I’m pretty sure you were waiting for me to say this (and I’ll probably be saying it a lot), but I am apparently a dumbass. I had the B side set to the wrong page.

Apparently folders and files can only be changed as long as the light above the left or right button is colored aqua? I don’t see anything in the manual about this and only discovered it by accident.

OK, I think I get it. I set both the A & B sides to the rabbits and then adjusted the x/y cropping, lumakey, etc., then rotated and positioned until I got a kind of a mirror image.

This is going to be more than just a simple RTFM process. I feel like I’m back in theory class with the instructor explaining secondary dominant chords for the first time, except I have no instructor.

edit: I’m confused again. Apparently it doesn’t matter which pair of buttons you use (left + center or right + center) to switch usb images, both sides are switched to the same image and it is not possible to set different USB images to the A & B sides?

@uglymule You can only load one image/video onto Hypno at a time.