HELP needed with booting my hypno

Hello Hypno`s

I have a problem - hope you can help me out - got my hypno worked perfect had a good time , 2 weeks later unplugged everything (changed studio) and plugged in again (same gear and setup) first seeing scrolling text but no visual after that. one vain greenlite 5 minutes later no scrolling text anymore al lits are out. - looked it up, onhere the claimed flash the firmware again - after puzzeling witch version (witch is a big puzzle! why not write it down on the case) telling me in the video that i need the one that is not mentioned below it Pi3/CM3 (no cm4) CONFUSING – man man so i did try that one - noticed that the screws of the case are just loose in it (?) flashing succeded but no change,… on the c port inside i see a red and green lit with the powersupply - i was hoping to have some fum with not to much brainpain, now i need to reed 25 pages PDF of problems with MANY versions i am disappointed now. the right power supply the right length c cable - i dunno. Dont leave me in the dark PLEASE - Thanx in advance :slight_smile:

Power is red ACT is green, tried several wallchargers and my macbook USB port for power - short cables - checked cables…

im now on:
If your Raspberry Pi still fails to boot and the green ACT light is not blinking, and you have a solid red light, it may indicate that the EEPROM is corrupted. You can attempt to recover this by updating the Raspberry Pi’s bootloader.

ANY HELP appreciated