Heat when using video in?

I’ve been messing with video in from another video synth the past couple days and have noticed a little thermometer appear at the top-right corner of my Hypno display. It looks to be related to the Hypno getting hot on my desk. If I stand it upright instead of laying flat, my Hypno seems happier. The thermometer indicator will begin flickering and eventually disappear.

Is this a normal / common thing when using video in via the front USB?

At this point the pi in the Hypno is getting thrown a lot at it so yeah depending on your room temprature like any other computer/Pi it may start to overheat/throttle.

If this is happening a lot in your config you may try to add a heatsink of your choice on the little silver processor on the back of a hypno. Something like this.

Thanks! I’ll give the heatsink a shot. Hopefully the Hypno will still fit in the case with the heatsink attached.

Unless you go for something much higher profile than what I linked it should fit just fine. Otherwise, you can simply check on the clearance of your target heatsink against the case clearance via measuring device.

I picked up the heatsink pack linked earlier in this thread. Sadly, the larger of the two is just a bit too tall for the Hypno’s 3d printed case. It actually produces a slight bulge when the Hypno is put back in the case.

The smaller of the two fits fine, of course. But then… less heat dissipation. Hopefully it’ll be enough.

Ah dang sorry, I have a heatsink that barely fits on mine but I dont remember exactly which model I had purchased since it was something that I just found laying round the office. If the tolerance is not too bad and you give it time it may flatten out and just dig into the PLA a bit with the heat.

The original enclosure design was made before I even knew that video input could be pulled off on this thing. If there is interest I can do a case refresh thats more like the DIY version with the vents and more clearance for a heatsink.

OR just try a lower profile heatsink, I didn’t verify that exact model myself, there may be other ones that work better