Greetings from the creator of rPI_Synth!

Hello! The Hypno just popped up on my radar and I must say I’m really excited to see this product! I’m not in the position to purchase this right now but I still wanted to drop by and maybe understand a little bit more of how it works if that’s not a problem.

First a little background! I’m an audiovisual artist and a creative technologist and I basically made my own implementation of a Eurorack friendly digital/hybrid video synthesiser over the last couple of years and have been using it for performances.

You can find the instrument here: [There are more links in there, including my Masters thesis about the same as well as some video demos!]

So here’s a couple of questions, I don’t expect an answer to all of them but as I’ve worked towards something similar this is of some interest to me :slight_smile:

So… am I correct in guessing your product is using a custom FPGA for the video synthesis engine? Or is the instrument built on top of something like the Raspberry Pi?

Is it possible to develop our own synthesis engines on top of the hardware platform?

What kind of resolution and frame rates is this running?

Hope I’m not being annoying, I’m very excited to see the Hypno and hopefully one day I can get on of my own and test it out!


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Hi Sourya! Welcome to the forum.

I’ve seen your project before and it looked pretty cool :slight_smile: though I haven’t dug very deep on the UI yet.

Happy to answer your questions, also renaming the topic a bit in case anyone has any questions about your project.

Hypno is based on the pi compute 3+ it runs a custom GL engine running in a lightweight Rasbian.

It is not possible to develop custom synthesis engines on top of our codebase (unless you work for Sleepy ofc) I have considered open sourcing the engines but slowly realized that supporting something like this would take away time from just making the best synths possible.

I do encourage people to plug in Hypno into Shadertoy though, I think this is the quickest and funnest way to tweak your own visuals (see the Shadertoy thread on this forum for a bunch of sample code)

Hypno runs at a max of 720p, sometimes squashed and scaled based on the display connected via HDMI (it upscales up to 1080p since it’s the Pi’s max res)

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