Go Pro Integration

Hi everyone. Devon here from Sleepy Circuits.
I recently had some questions on how integration with a GoPro is. Not being super familiar with them, I thought I would like to open up this thread for anyone to give some insight on their GoPro-inspired Hypno setup.

A question that also came up was, can you use the Hypno with the GoPro in webcam mode?

Thanks, and please feel free to chime in with your particular use case.


How great… a question I can answer! I’ve been using GoPro cameras forever - I was one of the first people to use them on broadcast TV around ten years ago, and am doing some work for a GoPro client now. They’re amazing.

I haven’t fooled around with GoPro and Hypno together yet - though it’s on my to-do list. But here are some general thoughts that might be helpful.

Earlier GoPro models have a TRSS jack for composite output. Later models included a micro HDMI. More current models are playing it a little sneaky. In order to get HDMI output you have to buy a special case that has the output jack built into it - you can’t do it right out of the camera.

GoPro cameras aren’t really good for closeups. They’re designed to take in broad vistas. The super fisheye lens was also chosen so you could hold the camera at arm’s length and see your whole body while you do your extremely rad sports moves or whatever. :wink: I designed some accessories for GoPro 3 & 4 cameras to let you mount filters and diopters so you could use them for more closeup and even macro work. There are other hacks like that out there for other models.

The newest model is a useful all-around camera, with built in abilities to eliminate that fisheye look when you’re shooting close up. But I think for this kind of work, I’d recommend getting an older GoPro (I just thrifted another GoPro 3 for $7) and monkey with that. Or if you want all the whiz-bang features of the newest model, don’t forget to get the Media Mod that gives you video output. It’ll set you back around $80 I think.

And don’t get me started on how cool it is to mod a GoPro so you can use it with other lenses… :smiley:


I’ve got a GoPro Hero 3 and I’ve used it with an HDMI capture device. I’m not sure if any of the later models support UVC but mine definitely doesn’t


Thanks for all the info above. Hopefully this thread can be a go to place for all things Hypno and GoPro.