Getting audio into Hypno

What do you think is the best way?

Also curious to hear the opinions on this, since I’m maybe looking to spend some dough on a nice solution for that :grimacing:

I’ve just got a befaco i4 instrument interface on the suggestion from Ron and I must say it is brilliant!!

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Welcome to the nap world mike :wink:

The instrument interface is certainly the king for connectivity, but if you wanna go deeper consider also the old but sweet 4ms SMR which has frequency based audio following built in.

With that setup I would imagine one can really sync up some AV stuff very quickly/hands-on.

Hi, I contacted 4ms and the only problem with the SMR is you have to input modular level audio so that would mean even more expense

Ah yes it would be an add on to a modular sound source or the instrument input. I don’t know if a module created yet that would let one take balanced in and create spectral envelope following.

But that’s why it’s modular you can mix and match!

I’ve recently started using a bastle klik which is very convenient for moving around with the hypno

Hmm interesting seems a bit basic for me

Yes it just gives some movement based on any incoming audio, just makes stuff move a bit which is a mood but not mad control tbh

I am using the Mutable Instruments Ears module. According to the manual, it has a gate output of 8V and it has also an envelope generator for audio sent into Ears. I am actually not sure what the output voltage of the envelope is. My question is, is it possible to damage the Hypno if you put in voltage signals above 5V (maybe 8 - 10V) into it or is it just clipping the signal. Thanks in advance!

The signal will just clip off the 5v rails, Ears is safe to use but you may want to attenuate for more control.

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I’m going to scoop up a couple of these “Sound Detectors” and give it a go.

Do I read correctly?..$11 envelope follower with gate??

Will take a bit of tinkering but should definitely do the trick.

Spectral Following…can you use a band-pass filter by any brand and send that into your follower(s)?

I may be wrong but briefly scanning the dataset of the env generator amp I see this at the top " Output voltage range: 0.01V to 2.69V"

This may need amplification to at least 5v for Hypno CV in to be effective.