Getting at that juicy modulation

So I will be honest, I haven’t been using my Hypno a ton the last month. I got the breakout and set it up in my 4ms pod but I haven’t really gotten much out of the CV controls so I don’t really know how much I want to add to the case. The reason is, I mostly want to modulate the feedback settings which can only be done with MIDI. So here is the question, is there a way to get a firmware that lets us change the CV inputs to map to the “corresponding” control for a different menu (or completely mappable). For instance, instead of the middle input mapping to master gain, it would map to feedback zoom. Wow, that would mean I could control feedback and gain at the same time with just a CV offset and the base knob! Unfortunately, that makes me suspect it is hard to iplement if the CV controls are tightly coupled.

OK, so that may never happen. I was attracted to Hypno as a compliment for my Euro setup so I would like to try and keep it all within the case if I can. It looks like I might be able to get a midi breakout for my Disting Ex and then patch it back in with this cable that I read about on the midi mod sources thread . Any reason you can think of why this wouldn’t work? Is there a better Eurorack CV to midi converter that people use? Thanks!


Do you have a CV to midi module?

I am going to try with my ornament and crime this weekend but that requires a big old gap to get at the micro usb on the back of the module which isn’t ideal. I would will probably get Expert Sleepers Tiny MIDI Breakout Expander - Perfect Circuit or similar to use with my Disting but it would rely on the dongle converter I linked. Actually, I see on second glance it is usb-c and I would probably need the regular usb since I have the converters already. I guess what I am wondering here is if there is a problem with directly converting serial to usb micro without a hub or anything.

I’ve played around with midi and CV separately but I don’t have a CV to midi module.

Midi really is the way forward for in depth control, there are 9 CV inputs and 32 midi CCs plus 4 midi note controls.

I recommend getting a micro USB OTG cable and powered USB 2.0 hub, passive will work but if you want to run a webcam or hdmi converter into it along with midi then it pays to have extra juice. I made a panel to hide my passive hub inside the rack

A regular USB A to midi cable will work running straight into an OTG cable without a hub.

I also use a Blokas Midihub which has a bunch of extra functions and routing possibilities and allows for 5 pin midi to USB. But it doesn’t fit inside eurorack.


Hey that’s pretty cool with the hub there in the case. What kind is it? I have a random one that works but it’s powered from an adapter so I don’t see a way around that because it definitely glitches out if I’m running a capture card and midi in from the Hydrasynth on hub power. I’m curious how captain midi works though, I’ll report back later.

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The hub is just a 4 way by Sabrent. It’s not powered, I found that it works without glitches for midi and video at the same time.

Little otg cable running through a hole in the blank panel and the hub stuck on behind with 2 part epoxy.

Ok so this was actually a good exercise because I ended up having to finally figure out how to modify
the o_c firmware to tweak the captain midi app to add selectable CC’s (it defaults to only the typical performance cc like mod wheel). I am going to get a little bigger pod anyway so I can add a modulation source and keep this separate from my main case when I want because this is pretty much maxed out with the orientation on the back of the board for the usb. The advantage of o_c over the disting breakout is uo_c has 4 channels while disting only seems to support 2 but that’s about where it ends when it comes to this application.


I have definitely considered some kind of re mappable CV UI, I have an idea how this could work but it may be a while before it makes it into the firmware, for now, I generally recommend CV → MIDI Hardware (BEFACO VCMC and the like) since there are a lot of modules out there that can fill that need.