Get Involved – Community Video Pack!

Hello all,

I would like to propose the idea of a community-driven Video Pack to raise money for a community chosen charity. There are thirty of us on here now so I would like to all work together to choose a theme and a charity. We can then take submissions through mid-December, at which time I can post the Video Pack on the Sleepy site with a link to the chosen charity. We have had great success with our six previous artist-driven Video Packs (once on the page, scroll down), so I feel like we can do some good and have some fun all at the same time. Of course, Sleepy will donate some yet-to-be-determined amount to the chosen charity as a reward for your valiant efforts. I hope that this turns into a lovely tradition at the end of each year.

I have some more ideas, but I want to hear from you all first –

  • What should the theme of the community video pack be?
  • What charity should we raise money for?

Reply with your answers and any other thoughts. I will put up a poll if we have enough suggestions.

Maybe some general emotional feeling? Loneliness, Elation etc.

As for charity, perhaps some Artist Residence? Not sure if there are visual specific ones?

I like the idea of a general emotional feeling for the theme. Could be cool.

As for a charity, I was thinking the National Independent Venue Association Emergency Relief Fund which helps keep small/independent venues in-business during the COVID pandemic.

But we really want to hear what others here think. Is this something you would contribute videos to or get involved in? SPEAK UP PEOPLE!!!

Or maybe like a shot of your favorite food/dish?

I personally think soup is pretty trippy.