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Hi Everyone, just wanted to say thank you for your responses to the many and varied inquiries I have had jumping down this tunnel! After exploring a bit, I’m planning to start a small case with hypno (using an external video feed from a computer), structure, and syntonie cvb001. I have some audio modulation to pair too like pams and ochd, so wondering if there are any other modules that would be suggested to round this out with the aims of doing some performance-based visuals. I know it’s an ever-growing process, but because of where I live I’ll likely get a custom euro case for this setup and would like to get it built reasonably sized for travel…so wondering if there are really any other key modules that would fit in well here without too much redundancy. CVB002 or fluxus bpmc? Super thankful for any ideas, it’s really appreciated!

Both of those will work really well with Hypno.

I also recommend Wave Comber by Chroma Cauldron

Really great way to introduce an audio responsive effect on top of the Hypno.

Video Xchng by Cat Full of Ghosts is a great performance tool for switching signals inside a eurorack case. I think you have to search for them second hand.


awesome thank you! wave comber looks awesome. lofi future looks good too, wonder if its too close to cvb001?

I’ll have both by the end of next week.

It fun to stack effects too.

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sweet would love to hear your feedback. shipping is a bit difficult to where I’m at so getting some ideas from the lovely people here helps a lot! :slight_smile:

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Because of this thread I recently bought a Syntonie CBV001 and Chroma Cauldron Wave Comber kit, as well as a TYMKRS A2H. Likely will pick up the TYMKRS H2A and GlitchCRT modules as well, because inevitably I want them also… Extra video feedback and a neat twist on a dirty mixer seem like potentially useful tools.

Looking forward to building those kits tonight as they both arrived today, and the visual chaos that will ensue ahahahahaha

I was thinking also of building a simple dirty mixer for analog signals, as well as Lofi Future’s DIY synth V2 that uses cheap DAC & ADC bits and some circuit bending. Will see how far I get tonight, but one or both of those are also in my near future.

That whole “it’s fun to stack effects” thing… :melting_face:

Scanlines has proven a deeeeeep rabbit hole here, and nice source of inspiration.


On a related note… @SleepyRon, is it possible to use both the RCA and HDMI outputs simultaneously? Is this something I can specify in a config by chance?

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No unfortunately, the raspberry pi doesn’t support this, a way to get a composite clone out would be to split the HDMI and to convert it to composite with adapters).

Side note: running composite actually requires an underclock of the processor on the pi4 (This is why it takes a config flag & full reboot to activate it on the pi4) so it seems like the platform is moving away from composite in general bc of some underlying hardware reasons.


Ron, thanks for the additional information here. That sounds frustrating regarding Pi4 support, as one of the excellent things about Hypno is composite output that is more or less still standard among other video synthesis gear.

To date, I have only used it with HDMI personally but now that I’ve gotten past my “honeymoon phase” with this device and started to dive more seriously into video synthesis and glitch art, it appears I really need to account for analog video in my setup. Hypno really is the perfect gateway drug to this art form, which is still so arcane.

This week I was only able to assemble the Syntonie CBV001 due to more limited time than I expected. The build was straightforward, and I had to convince myself of its working repeatedly because of how “broken” it looks. Which is glorious. It’s like warped tape / lofi / degaussed CRT feeling, and SUPER responsive to CV input and only the slightest tweaks of the knobs/switches. It’s a much deeper device than I anticipated, and very quickly I found that I could completely destroy the video signal. It will take some time to get used to the nuance here.

A short clip of Hypno run through CBV001:


@rainbowconnection @Syntheist y’all have opened up a rabbit hole here… just got a GlitchCRT, an H2A, and another A2H… and have a Video Xchng coming as well as another Chroma Cauldron module, a Mainbow, on the way. Also looking into analog console mixers (something beyond just the GlitchCRT) to accompany this glut of analog gear. The video synthesis subforum and forums have been real helpful in this regard.

I may not end up using all the things full time but definitely am looking forward to the color they will add to my palette, and to learning more about the nuance that analog video provides. Definitely it makes the Hypno even more unique in presentation, and super gratifying more than it already is to use.


Wonderful explosion of gear there, I’ve been tempted by those Tymkrs modules but haven’t picked them up yet.

I did just order the Mainbow 2 on etsy, and I highly recommend checking out the manual:

It’s packed with useful video synthesis knowledge.

The module itself is insanely powerful and would be a great input or effect for Hypno.

In my ever expanding rig the next modules I want to get are the VGA to RGB ones from LoFi Future. They function like the H2A/A2H pair but for VGA signals.

The plan for the rig, split across a Doepfer 6U base and case will be something like this:


I had forgot about the VU001! Perfect, as I really need something to distribute an analog signal without distortion. Using a simple splitter if the signal gets modified on one branch it feeds back and looks that way on both…

That’s a cool looking rack! I am working with an Arturia RackBrute 6U and have some similar designs here, though with less capability – no Pams, Maths, Fluxus BPMC Duo, CBV002 (those are currently out of stock in DIY form unfortunately), Sensory Translator, Structure, or your whole bottom row…

Though I could use my Maths (but I like it too much for extra modulation paired with my Moog semis and 0 Coast)… and I DO have a Function I’m using in the 6U. I’ve got a 4MS Percussion Input but would really like that Sensory Translator.

Do you find the Data helpful with video signaling? I keep putting off getting an oscilloscope module…

That page is a plan so while top three rows are there or on order the bottom row of controls and the Data are just an idea.

I thought having an oscilloscope module would be really helpful while I’m learning more about eurorack. Also turning a webcam on it could make a fun source.

Yeah the VU001 is super useful, I have one for internal routing and one as the final output before displays.

For me the Hypno controlled via midi remains the most rewarding, instrument like ‘voice’ although I’m slowly picking up the possibilities of the structure and I just got an Edirol V4 so that’s going to be fun to play with

Mainbow got built last weekend and I have had some fun. This was a first whack at coloring up the Hypno output!


Sweet! I just got my Mainbow kit this week.

Really cool to see the Hypno going through it.

I especially like the fluid textures towards the end.