Gain Knob issues

My gain knob at 12 o clock isn’t anywhere close to blackness, as the manual describes. It’s slightly darkened, but really only slightly. Am I misunderstanding how this is supposed to work? Do I have a setting I need to adjust? Would love to be able to VCA images in and out, but as is it’s just light to dark.

Depending on the feedback mode, pure black isn’t achievable for me. And although it does get very very dark, if I we’re to adjust the gain to the darkest setting (i.e. the knob at 12 'o clock) you would likely still see the images change before you “fade” it in (a la VCA style).

Could the gain knob set to “hue” instead of gain? Since the knob can control both, maybe it’s adjusting the hue, and depending on the feedback mode, it can cause the image to disappear and morph.

Some feedback modes don’t allow for full blackness. For example, inverted stable (pink LED) will not go to blackness as that translates to fully white.

In order to get full blackness in some of the modes, the trick is not to set the control to exactly 12 o’clock, but small adjustments near the center position can get you into full black. This is due to the fact that Hypno uses analog potentiometers, which have some variation in what is the exact center position. It’s a bit tricky to get it perfectly aligned for blackness, but with patience, you should be able to get the image fully black.

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