First decent A/V interaction

Had the hypno for a couple weeks now. This thing is so cool on its own, but I just had to play with it some more. Have not gotten any MIDI interaction yet, but I have been playing with some CV input.

I just got a 4ms Percussion Interface – would like a Befaco but I thought I would give this one a try as well. I have its signal going into the Hypno via its envelopes. It also feeds a 2HP LFO and a MakeNoise Function, both of which are also outputting into the Hypno.

I was looping a bit and interfacing with it, but I found this sweet patch on my Zynthian (OSS RPi synth sound kit) called “generative relaxing”, which is basically just blips and boops.

Anyway, here’s a few minutes messing with the Hypno’s other controls while this is going on, and also playing with some of the randomness on the generative patch…


This is so dope! I also have the percussion interface, hoping to run a contact mic on my kick drum to it into the hypno to get some live visuals but pretty stumped about connections and quite new to modular terminology. Any chance you could show your setup and how everything plugs into each other? awesome visuals!

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Thanks Ezra! I would suggest taking either of the envelope outputs on the 4ms Percussion Interface into any of the ports on the front of the Hypno. All you need are 1/8" TS patch cables. For input, I just ran the output of my mixer directly into the 4ms.

I’d show you my setup and give a run down but I had some basement flooding earlier in the month and have yet to set things back up in the studio area.

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