Feedback Hue shift not saved for preset

While making presets for an upcoming show, I’ve registered that the Feedback Hue Shift setting did not saved with the preset. If I flipp back and forth between two presets, the Feedback Hue Shift was again set to 50% (12 o’clock) even though I turned it off (7 o’clock) before saving the preset. Strange thing is that I have another preset using the same Feedback mode (yellow) and there the setting is saved.

I’ve power-cycled my Hypno, but same issue after reboot. No idea how to solve this

Have you tried saving the preset multiple times or just recalling the same preset?

I have of course tried several times. I’ve also tried other presets in between and then tried saving. It is very strange.

I tried upload a video, but the forum does not accept the file (iphone video format)

Try putting it as a private video on youtube or on something like dropbox

Not very easy to see, but notice around the red polygons before saving preset and after loading preset

The hue shift does save on the other preset but not that slot?

It’s nothing to do with the slot, I’ve tried saving the same patch to another slot (midi note) and it’s the same. I can try to look through the json files (presets) on the sd-card to understand what’s happening. What is that parameter called in the json file? Maybe I can also force (manually edit the file) the correct value to see how it behaves then…

I know this sounds silly, but it behaves as I’m trying to explain. As I’ve said before, I have other presets where this value/parameter have saved perfectly.

The parameter is labeled as {“alt_pot_1_1”, “FB Hue Shift”}, in the .json file

You can also send me a copy of the json file,

I now found out there is something else going on as well, so this has probably nothing to do with saving. See attached video: Jottacloud

In the video you see feedback hue shift from start. Then I turn feedback hue shift off. But, by just wiggling the hue knob, it resets the feedback hue shift as well.

If I turn help text on, I see another thing that might give a clue: when turning the Hue knob, the text sometimes glitches and show FB Hue Shift as well. Sometimes Hue Offset A

Video: Jottacloud

No other knob behaves like this. When in other modes (one or more of the buttons are pressed) the help text for this knob (hue knob) is stable, so it is only present when adjusting hue.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+

Ps: I also have a RPI 4B, but then I didn’t get stretched full screen at my home display so I went back to using the rpi 3b+ (which fills the entire 16:9 area)

Could you try to reflash the firmware and see if that helps with the issue?

Sorry for late reply, haven’t had time to test this until now. Just re-flashed the firmware now, still the same issue :disappointed:

Hi again. The Hueshift (alt_pot_1_1) seems to be saved, so it is the display/recall side of it that does not work correctly. Here is three identical presets I’ve saved, the only thing I changed was the Hue Shift.

(i’ve formatted the files to be easier to read :wink:

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That bug has come to our attention; my apologies for any issues it has caused you.

There is a new firmware in the works that should address that issue, but I don’t have an exact timeline for that release.